My name is Nicole but i prefer to be called Nikki.

I was born in Manhattan, NY on June 22nd, i am the only survivor that managed to escape the womb.

I live in Yonkers, NY. I speak English at home but Spanish gets spoken between my family usually to emphasize a point.

I am a toy designer in the making, I plan on transferring to either FIT or OTIS for their toy design programs. though i do produce my own artist dolls and stuffed animals to sell at various conventions across North America.

The only other person i know that has gone to college for art is my cousin.

I am most proud of my ability to stay optimistic i managed to look death right in the eyes and still choose art as a career path.

i enjoy making really just dumb YouTube videos of my art or talking about my current favorite movie Spider-man into the spider verse.

I enrolled into DP2 because i enjoy Prof. Tschampel’s presence and id be really sad not having her energy during my last year at WCC.

Who are the photographers that you are most interested in right now?

Ive been really interested in how doll artists photograph their pieces,

Photos by:


Also Surreal Photography

  • Lara Zankoul – The Unseen, 2013

surreal photography

  • Frieke Janssens – Smoking Children

My ideal job would be the person who takes pictures for the calico critters twitter account.

or designing the dolls that Disney makes limited runs of.

Three adjectives others might use to describe me are…tired, funny, stressed.